30 April 2012

Ageing related protein can cause breast cancer

New research from Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center have discovered that a most common form of breast cancer in older women called estrogen and progesterone receptors is caused by a protein disappointing off age-related cell damage.

David Gius one of the researchers told us that biological relationship between cancer and aging is one of the most established in cancer research. He throws light on protein, called sirtuins, which are combined with an extended lifespan seen in some species a calorically restricted diet.

The link between aging and cancer is one of the most established events in cancer. It appeared that some of these mice, sirtuins activity of an enzyme called MnSOD decreased. Moreover, agents that acetylation of this amino acid on target MnSOD may be useful as chemo preventive therapies in women at risk for these cancers and recurrence, he noted.


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