24 April 2012

Future Technology and Anti-Aging

Future Anti-Aging
You can feel the difference in the life span of people what it was 50 years ago and now. People are living much longer than before.in 1970′s the average life expectancy at birth was 70.8 years and in 2000 it grew up to 76.9 years now it is estimated that in 2030 it will be up to 85 and older.Better medicines and technological innovations have really changed the world. Rate of disability among older people has declined dramatically. Science and technology is advancing at a rapid pace with lots of research work done each day. Soon we might be able to defy the aging process and maintain our youth for a longer period of time.

Though we should be careful about supplements that claim to solve your age-related problems. Right now it is advised to focus on what is known to help promote healthy aging that is healthy eating and physical activity.


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