07 May 2012

Retirement: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

A retire person is required to engage in the following activities to improve his/her health
  • Activities which are essential for complete prevention of the occurrence of disease ( Primary prevention) Example : immunization against pneumonia or influenza
  • Early detection and management of disease ( Secondary prevention)
  • Manage clinical diseases in order to prevent them from progressing or to avoid complications of this disease ( Tertiary prevention)
Multiple chronic illnesses are common in the elderly, and cure is often an unrealistic and inappropriate goal. In other words, in old age diseases are not curable, they are manageable. These chronic illnesses lead to disability and dependency. Therefore, a moor focus of health promotion efforts for the elderly should be on the minimization of loss of independence associated with illness and functional decline.
As has been emphasized early that elderly should be particular about the following areas :
    a) Regular physical activity ( exercise)
    b) Proper nutrition ( and no excess eating- weight control)
    c) No tobacco use ( If you are using tobacco in any form, leave immediately)
    d) Be attentive about your safety ( be careful about falling)
    e) Immunization ( immunization for elderly is not popular in India)

Independence in activities of daily living ( ADLs) is an important goal for health promotion activities.


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