05 May 2012

RIGIDITY : Barrier to Positive Ageing

“Mr. Srivastava,72 years of age, a retired bank manager, whose wife died 15 years back, lives alone in a big house. His two sons and a daughter live in different cities. They come to meet him at in turn, regularly. Mr. Srivastave fell ill and was diagnosed cancer by doctors. Doctors advised him to go to Mumbai for treatment. He was asked if he takes proper treatment at this stage his cancer may be cured. His children wanted to admit in a good cancer hospital in Mumbai, but he refused to be admitted in the hospital. He will not listen any body’s suggestions and does not want to leave his house. He had a typical view about his illness and treatment. Due to the stubborn avoidance of doctors by Mr. Srivastava his children were unable to force their father to regular medical checkups and proper medical care.”

This is an example of rigidity. Rigidity is a world view inconsistent with healthy adaptation. It is a major barrier to good mental health. Rigidity is a form of resistance to change, even when there is clear evidence that change will improve wellbeing or lead to healthier functioning. Rigidity can be problematic in coping. It limits one’s ability to see problem from different perspectives. Rigidity fosters repeating the same mistake again.

WHAT TO DO?        

We are suggesting some strategies for changing rigid life pattern. These strategies will help the person to build more flexible attitude about life and situations.
  • Consider other options before responding ( think before you act and anticipate an outcome prior to take an action)
  • Examine your beliefs
  • Practice doing routine tasks differently
  • Seek out new experiences in life and give some time to leisure activities ( Join social groups, clubs ets.)
  • Involve in meaningful activities.


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