30 August 2012


Ageing and accompanying health factors often make later part of life very difficult period of life. Self care and health promotion are important in maintaining independence in old age. Self care is an ability to meet one’s needs. It is suggested that maintaining of low risk of disease and disease-related disability, high mental and physical functions and active engagement of life are most essential in later period of life. It is true that higher functional ability is not absolutely necessary for higher quality of life. Elderly who have chronic disabilities find ways to maximize  quality of life through other means including spirituality and social engagements. Altruism and volunteering in various capacities enhance life satisfaction.

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  1. Given the diversity and ambiguity surrounding deļ¬nitions of quality of life. It is important to have realistic estimations of quality of life. Self care and regular visits to health care facility would improve the quality of life. Given the diversity of culture and economic conditions in India, Self care assumes the most important factor in keeping up the quality of life. How can a gerontologist can promote self care in India.