Be specific in this New Year 2011 about your Diet plan; add some latest and new healthy & organic food which can lower down your weight and make you fit and smart. We have found out some new food for you. If you’re are planning to get a perfect zero figure this is the best choice food for it i.e. Grapefruit.

GRAPEFRUIT PLANTsExperts have researched that grapefruit is essential in a weight loss diet as it helps you to lose lots of unwanted calories along with making you feel healthy. This fruit is rich in proteins and minerals which belong to that of the citrus family. It looks like an orange but grows in clusters like that of grapes; therefore it gets the name of Grapefruit.

Enrich with Vitamin C and citrus grapefruit is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, calcium, iron and potassium. Renowned for being low in calories, grapefruits also happen to be loaded with antioxidants that are believed to help slow down the aging process and protect against some diseases – including heart disease and cancer. The juice from a grapefruit was ranked among the juices highest in antioxidant activity.

This diet contains a lot of healthy food; it is helpful to those who are suffering from acidity as it gives an alkaline reaction after digestion. Grapefruit is essential for pregnant women as it helps them to reduce fluid accumulation in the body, and also brings down the swelling in the feet, which usually occurs in the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. This also helps to get rid of sore throat, so here is one home remedy which can be used to ward off a painful throat.

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