Worry is a mental preoccupation. It is always not bad. Sometimes it works as a motivation or may help in making a potentially reasonable strategy to deal with stressful life situations. In other words, it helps an individual in the preparation for dealing with a future challenge or a threat. In this sense, worry can be adaptive. An elderly may indeed have a real-life event about which to worry. For example, the cause of worry may be one’s poor health, worry about the sickness of a family member or death of a close relative, financial insecurity, changes in one’s functional independence and dying. When an elderly adopt some strategy to overcome that situation then his worry is adaptive.mental preoccupation

On the other hand, worry may consume your time and energy if it goes on excessively on the issues or things that are not worth worrying about. Such a situation is a negative psychological barrier affecting positive ageing. Excess worry over trivial issues will have depressive effects on your mental and physical health.

A person who has developed a worrying lifestyle becomes over-sensitive about the smallest things. The person may develop a physical illness or physical aches and pains which may result in narrowing focus on life challenges even when it is not possible to do much about them.

What can you do?

Ponder over your worries. Make a list of all your worries and rank them according to their gravity. Try to remove your worries one by one and remove that worry from your list of worries. Repeat the same process and delete all the worries from your list.

Think over the consequences of your worry. See how it is affecting your quality of life. Find ways to diffuse your worry. Engage yourself in leisure time activities. Laughing is one of the best remedies to master over a worrying situation. Look, your worry should not affect your thoughts, feelings and actions. It should not be negatively pre-occupying emotion.

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